Jay Leno’s Garage Showcases 1976 BMW 2002 from Bavarian Workshop


(West Hills, CA) Founder of the Bavarian Workshop, Marc Norris, recently stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage with a 1976 BMW 2002 resto-mod. While this vehicle represents a “dream car” for many, finding on that is still in good condition is more challenging than ever before. While it takes time and money to restore a classic BMW 2002, it is well worth it according to Jay Leno.

“While the BMW 2002 was one of the main vehicles responsible for elevating the performance reputation of the German Brand in the United Sates, it was not the first BMW model available in the U.S.,” stated Marc Norris. “The powerful 2.0 liter four-cylinder and the light weight made this a combination that car enthusiasts could not ignore. Ultimately it served as the perfect platform for aftermarket upgrades down the road.”

The BMW 2002 featured on Jay Leno’s Garage had been overhauled by the Bavarian Workshop mechanics for a customer more than a decade ago. The client wanted to have their father’s car restored to original condition. Even though the vehicle sat for a number of years, never being driven, it was still in overall good condition and made a great platform for a full remodel. The Bavarian Workshop overhauled the vehicle and added a 2.3 liter 513 four cylinder out of a 1989 E30 M3, as well as a five-speed manual transmission.

“During the episode, viewers will have the opportunity to see what we were able to do with the interior of the vehicle, as well,” continued Norris. “We added seats from one of the newer model BMW 320i that was recovered in luxurious Nappa leather. We also used Dynamat in the trunk to help reduce some of the noise created. Even though it has much more horsepower, it still exudes the character of a traditional, 1970s era BMW thanks to my talented team.”

During the episode of Jay Lenos Garage, viewers will get to see Leno take this amazing vehicle for a spin. He also makes it clear that he is a huge fan of this car and that Norris’s team did a great job on the rebuild.


The Bavarian Workshop is considered a top rated BMW repair shop and the mechanics are dedicated to providing superior BMW service, Mercedes repair services, and Mini auto repair. The company has received high ratings for scheduled maintenance, 60,000-mile service and brakes in the areas of West Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Bell Canyon and Woodland Hills of California.

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Must know facts about International driving license for Indians and non-Indians

An international driving licence or an international driving permit (IDP), as it is commonly known, is a document that allows you to drive on the foreign roads with a valid Indian licence. There are many countries in the world where you can use your Indian license, along with an IDP. If you are planning to apply for an IDP, take a look at this article to know the important facts associated with it.

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What exactly is an international driving license?

An international driving permit is a document that allows you to drive with your current, valid licence when you travel to a foreign country, either for work or on vacation. If your Indian DL is in English, your IDP will have a translated copy of it in the local language of the country you are visiting. The IDP is a book-like document that looks a lot like a passport.

How to get an IDP?

The process of getting an IDP is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is visit your local RTO and submit your application. For this you have to complete the following steps:

  • Forms CMV – 4, CMV-1 and CMV-1A, which are available at all RTOs, need to be duly filled in.
  • You have to submit a self-attested letter to the RTO stating your desire to get an international driving permit.
  • You have to submit attested photocopies of your Indian DL, along with four passport size photographs.
  • You have to submit your ID proof and address proof, a passport works best here.
  • You have to submit photocopies of your passport, visa and air-tickets.
  • You have to pay a fee of Rs 500.

If your application is successful, you will get an IDP that is valid for either six or twelve months.

Is it mandatory to carry the IDP?

Well, technically speaking, you can drive for a period of six months (lesser in some countries) on many international roads with just a valid Indian licence. You don’t need an IDP for driving. But since the security regulations have become so severe in most places, it is not a wise idea at all to drive in a foreign country without an IDP. The process of getting the IDP is very simple and inexpensive and so you must make every effort to get one before you leave on the airplane.

International driving licence for non-Indians in India

So what happens when a foreign driving license holder wishes to drive a vehicle on the Indian roads? The process is quite simple actually. As a non-Indian, all you have to do is visit an RTO that is closest to you and apply for an Indian IDP. You have to provide an ID proof, an age proof, copies of your passport and visa and a copy of your existing DL. The RTO will then issue you the IDP which will be valid for a period of 12 months. If you have lived in India for more than a year, then you can apply for a valid Indian driving license as well.

To sum it up

So as we can see, getting an international DL is not challenging at all. It is a very straightforward process that can be completed in a day. So if you are planning to travel, and want to drive on your own at your destination, then get an IDP before you leave. If you are a foreign DL holder in India, then get the Indian IDP at the earliest. These documents are easily available and make life a lot simpler for you.…