Contractors Exam-How To Take This Kind Of Exam?

Those individuals that construct buildings, roads, house and other structure must have proper license. In order for contractors and sub contractors to start submitting bids, they first need to be licensed. This kind of license can also be issued to corporations, joint ventures and partnerships. Contractors will get their license if they take the contractors examination.

Here are the steps to follow before taking the contractors examination:

First the contractor must complete the application form firm.
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The next thing that they need to do is to confirm the level of work experience, they can do this by using the Certification of Work Experience form 13A-11. When you are done submitting this kind of form, you are not allowed to passed any other experience verification form.
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You should complete and pass the application form and other additional forms. You must not use pencil to complete all of these forms.

You should sign all the forms and make sure that it is dated. Double check all of the forms and be sure that it is complete, because the board returns incomplete forms.

The processing fee of the application is about $300 and you need to submit the forms in the designated address. You need to make sure that you put the return address on the enveloped.

The processing time is not certain since there are factors that affects the application process. You can use your application fee number and PIN to check the status of your application. The information is weekly updated, so you can check when your application will be processed.

Once the application is accepted, they will send you a fingerprinting live scan with a set of instructions and the date when you need to appear and take your examination. Usually the examination notice will be received by the applicant at least three weeks before the date of examination.

There are applicants with a disability and they require a special testing accommodation, these applicants are required to fill out the Special Accommodation Request For Examination form 13E-77. If you are having a hard time reading english, then you can have a translator to read the examination for you.

In order, for applicants not to have a hard time in going to testing centers, they posted different testing centers all over the country.

Here are the things that you need to bring in the testing center: The applicants must have their notice to appear, so they could be accepted in the testing center. You should bring a valid ID. The test center will provide a calculator, extra paper, pencil, scale rulers and more.

Once you pass the examination you can receive your license.

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