GPS, Important Truck Safety Features

One technology product that supports the smoothness and security of the freight business is the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker. This tool allows transportation companies in monitoring the delivery of goods, looking for the location of the vehicle when stolen. To what extent is the efficacy of a GPS tracker tracking a vehicle when it is stolen?

Based on the American Heritage Dictionary, GPS is the system used to determine the position on the surface of the earth by comparing radio signals from 24 satellites. The signal is transmitted through microwaves to the earth and received by the receiver on the surface, and is used to determine time, direction, location and speed. Along with the development of technology, GPS is used as a tool to detect the vehicle in realtime.

Given that GPS becomes an urgent security standard for the logistics business, spurring information companies to produce GPS trackers. In fact, as technology grows, GPS is not only a tool to track the position of the vehicle, but also equipped with features to monitor the load, temperature tempratur, and also to see the level of fuel or vehicle anticipation of fuel theft. To know more about GPS buyer guide, you can see at

Although GPS tracker has become a necessity and a promising business opportunity, but there are still some freight entrepreneurs who doubt the sophistication of GPS tracker products today. They judge, the robber truck is now sophisticated and able to overcome the vehicle mounted GPS tracker. According to them, a tool to turn off GPS tracker has also been sold in the market.

Truck hijacking in the Ontario area of ​​Canada seems very disturbing. For that truck entrepreneurs always equip their trucking units with GPS (global positioning system) to make it easier for police to detect if there is a crime.

Quoted from, recently two trucks loaded with household furniture were hijacked and robbed by a group of unidentified people in the wilderness near the city of Richmond Hill.

The Ontorio Provincial Police who got a report through radio contacts immediately tracked the GPS-connected satellite attached to both trucks so that they could determine the point of the truck and arrest the perpetrators.

From the latest report, a gang of criminals who have committed the same crime several times is a conspiracy of Balwant Singh Dhillon of Brampton who has been prosecuted for piracy cases.

Learning from Canada, it is time for the world’s cargo transport entrepreneurs especially to cross the heavily cross-island terraces and down the dense forest to consider GPS as a safety feature for trucks and cargo of possible crimes in the streets.

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