What Are The Basic Golf Equipment A Beginner Needs?

In the hope of becoming an established and elite golfer someday, the one thing you must understand is that carrying the right equipment is as important as having the skills to become a good player. You don’t get to compare it to a typical game like basketball or soccer where you only need a ball and a pair of good shoes. In fact, you can try asking successful professional golfers and they’ll tell you that in achieving success in this sport, it’ll definitely take more than just the best golf club that money can buy.

Speaking of golf club, perhaps you already know at this point that it is the most important of all golf equipment you are expected to have before diving into golf training. The thing is choosing the right golf club wouldn’t be that hard if you’re armed with sufficient information, particularly on the different types. While the rules of USGA explicitly says that a player is only allowed to carry 14 clubs in a game, a beginner like you obviously does not need that much, at least initially. For the most part, your beginner set of golf clubs only includes that of a driver, iron, and putter. Irons are intended for short shots and they are sold in sets having different sizes.

And after getting to know the basic types of clubs you’ll need, the next thing to learn in order to have the best golf club is the material composition, flex, torque, and length of the shaft. If you aren’t willing to shell out a lot of money for your first golf club, you can settle for one donned with a steel shaft. It’s a durable variant but you need to understand that it will be heavier than other variants like graphite.
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Once you’re done with the golf clubs, you now have to search and choose the right pair of golf shoes. Golf is special and you can’t go out there wearing your typical running shoes or sneakers. Even though you might find it a silly notion, but the kind of shoes you’re wearing will make or break your performance out there in the golf course. Golf shoes are unique for a reason and they’re made in order to give you aid in performing. It is an essential part of your golf equipment. The perfect pair of golf shoes will give you the stability in achieving a perfect swing. They also help you manage through slippery and hilly terrains in the course.
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Apart from clubs and shoes, your basic golf equipment must also include a golf bag and balls. You also will want to buy a new set of golf clothing, cap, sunglasses, and essential accessories like golf tees and gloves.

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