Solid Reasons to Buy a Vehicle from a Kia Dealership Among the fastest growing brands in the auto industry is Kia. The Korean company has found a spot in the U.S. consumer market and is meting the need for cheap yet technology-rich vehicles for budget drivers. The question is, should you purchase from a Kia dealer or from a private individual? Here are the benefits of choosing the first option: Warranty
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Majority of non-commercial dealer-bought vehicles younger than 10 years of age with a mileage of less than 160,000 kilometers are offered with a statutory warranty. Moreover, several licensed auto dealers can provide assistance with extended warranties for your vehicle purchase for up to 5 years, starting from the date of delivery.
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2. Sure Title When you buy a vehicle from a licensed motor dealer, you are guaranteed to get a title to that vehicle. For any amount that may be owed to a financier on the vehicle by its previous owner, the dealer will cover it. Expert Advice Vehicle salespeople are specialists when it comes to cars and can offer expert suggestions as to which vehicle best fits your needs and your budget. 4. One Stop Shopping Licensed motor dealers sell a lot more than motor vehicles. Most dealers have specialists on staff that can provide assistance with financing and insuring your car purchase, and also protecting your investment with a variety of rust fabric and paint protection measures, and adding accessories that meet your motoring needs. Car Trade-in Most dealers accept trade-ins, which means you can drive in and out on the exact day you pick up your newly purchased car. If you have a certain amount owing on your vehicle at hand, they can make the changeover process very simple, without those costly bridging loans. Contrary to common belief, several dealers will pay high for your trade vehicle if it is in good very good condition. Customer Service All franchise dealers and plenty of specialised used car dealers provide workshop and servicing facilities, and also spare parts that will keep your vehicle in perfect running condition long after you bought it. Dealers will usually offer discounts or promos for customers who buy vehicles from them. Workshop Clearing Licensed dealers are normally established in their local community for so many years, and with this, they are highly concerned about their reputation. These dealers will have their vehicles undergo meticulous workshop inspections prior to putting them up for sale. In most cases, these dealers will wholesale substandard vehicles, if not auction them off, instead of putting them up for sale. Every time a dealer sells a vehicle, they’re also putting their reputation at risk, so the last thing they’ll ever want is a disappointed customer. Ethical Practices Majority of dealers belong to their state’s Motor Trades Association. Member dealers follow a strict code of ethics while operating their business. Motor Trader Associations are different in each state. Pure Convenience Finally, a dealer provides a choice of cars all in a single location, and in most cases will even take the car to your home or office so you can have a test drive.

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