The Brighter Side of Motorcycle Riding Most of the people see riding on a motorcycle as a dangerous thing to do. A lot of people fear riding on a motorcycle. This fear roots from the accidents that involved motorcycles. According to statistics, 72.34 for every 100,000 registered motorcycles are involved in fatal crashes. The risk imposed by motorcycle riding is 35 times as big as the risk imposed by four-wheeled cars. Motorcycle accidents usually lead to amputation of a body part, paralysis of an area in the body and even death. This is why, many people do not opt to ride on a motorcycle. On the other hand, many people still choose to ride on a motorcycle no matter what the statistics say. Riding on motorcycles has involved different things from passion to practicality. Aside from the adventure they get, these people have other reasons for still doing such risky thing. Let us try to perceive riding a motorcycle on a different view.
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When facing traffic, it is convenient for every rider to use motorcycles. Motorcycles can be easily manipulated through the heavy traffic because they are not big enough. A motorcycle has its way through cars that are stuck in heavy traffic. This is the reason why motorcycles are able go to the places they plan to go in a short period of travelling. Finding a place to park is hard for every car owner but it is different for a motorcycle owner. The size of the motorcycle is still another reason why finding a parking lot is easy for them.
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Another reason for riding on a motorcycle is money involved to buy it. If we compare the price of the motorcycles to the cars, motorcycles are more affordable. These days, most people cannot afford to buy expensive things. That is why most people prefer to purchase a motorcycle than a car. Motorcycles are low maintenance too compared to cars. Therefore, the owner is able to cut down the unnecessary expenses. Motorcycles demand lesser use of fuel so any rider would not spend too much on the fuel. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is 30 percent lower than a car can produce which makes a motorcycle less harmful to the environment. The emotions that are within you while riding on a motorcycle are also part of the reasons why people still ride on a motorcycle. For some, the adrenaline rush they get with riding motorcycles makes them want to ride even more. Yes, there are risks associated with riding on motorcycles but for these people, the risks just adds to the enjoyment of riding. For other people, riding a motorcycle is another way of boosting their confidence with themselves. This is due to the ability to ride on a motorcycle which most people are afraid to do. The riders were able to get home safely overcoming the dangers associated with motorcycles.

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