Types Of Microwaves, Food Processors and Ice Makers Technology has revolutionized all aspects of our lives including the home appliances we use especially in the kitchen. They make life easier when we want food prepared in certain ways with expected specific outcomes. Satisfaction is attributed to the use of these appliances as they aid kitchen users to perform tasks easily without strain. Some common appliances are namely microwave, ice makers, and food processors. Food and drinks ready for eating all become a walk in the park to obtain with the sole ad of the above-named appliances which are all useful kitchenware. Here is a discussion of the three named kitchenware and their best versions. With the use of microwave radiation, microwave ovens are widely used to heat food and decontaminate it and was developed in the 40’s. Advancements on the microwave oven has been done since their invention. The most common one is microwave above stove. As the name suggests, this is installing the microwave oven below a stove with the purpose of saving valuable kitchen space. Over-the-range microwaves have a built-in ventilation feature to ventilate the kitchen while it is in use. For small kitchens and to save on space, the recommended model of microwave ovens is the compact over the range microwaves. Ice makers are also a popular appliance. With the ever increasing temperature of the world, more ice, from ice makers, is needed to make drinks even colder or simply to cool off. Built in ice makers in freezers are called freezer ice makers. To improve on convenience, portable ice makers are preferred over built in ones. These are stand alone, and even though they take away valuable kitchen space, they are much more efficient. To save on kitchen space, the best portable ice maker recommended is the smallest portable ice maker one can find. Nowadays, New air portable ice makers are highly desired as they produce so much ice all in one go, a property that makes them even more efficient but with a con that they are quite heavy.
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So many tasks are performed by food processors which are a useful kitchen appliance. Functions of a blender and a food processor are similar but food processors d more than blenders. One can chop vegetables and process solid and semi-solid foods with a food processor with the aid of their sharp blades and blenders can only make purees and smoothies. These two appliances were merged to one called blender food processor combo that performs all the tasks if the two combined. The the perfection of this appliance is in the sense that it saves on kitchen space and most importantly, it performs the combined tasks of the food processor and the blender.Learning The “Secrets” of Blenders

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