A router is a device that connects local area networks to form a broader internet by, at minimum, selectively passing those datagrams having a destination IP address to the system which can deliver them to their destination; a network gateway.

A login is the process by which individual gains access to a computer system by identifying and authenticating themselves.

Routers help find the most efficient path between two IP-based networks. Most contemporary communications setups need a router for optimum functionality despite point to point connections offering an alternative.

Routers are advantageous in that they facilitate the sharing of web. The the connection of a variety of users to the internet is one of the biggest reasons for using a router. An IP address which is publicly unique is a requirement for one to connect to the internet successfully. Due to this,the providers if internet services only provide a unique IP address, or they charge a given amount of money for large amounts of publicly routable addresses. The solution is to add a router with network address translation enabled.

A connection made up of various network architectures such as token ring and Ethernet can be created.

The the most appropriate way to support i across an internetwork is chosen from by routers. Network traffic is decreased by routers when they create collision domain. Through the creation of broadcast domains, routers can reduce network traffic.

Even though a router is relevant in securing the network environment, it is not a replacement for a firewall or computer virus.

The the high cost of wireless internet connection hinders many people from utilizing it. So the priority for an enterprise is to control damage, which leads many people to be reluctant to use wireless AP, instead, they prefer using home wireless routers with lower performance.

Some individuals may not feel motivated to buy wireless routers since they cannot be used solely.. It is impossible to use a wireless AP alone,it cant be directly connected to ADSL (Asymmetrical digital subscriber loop) modem and also needs to be used together with other devices such as controllers, switches, and Ethernet hubs. Therefore, most people would find it very troublesome and less convenient as a wireless router.

Wireless networks take air as transmission medium while cable networks take cables as transmission medium. It does not require much effort to understand that wireless system is not as fast and as stable as a wireless network..

It is for various target groups that wireless AP and wireless routers are created. The target group of a wireless router is students and home users since it will be able to quickly meet the needs of the typical family with a lot of ease. For people who want internet access in a business, wireless AP is the best option mostly because has stronger capacity to send and receive signals efficiently.

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