Flea Medication – What’s the Best for Your Pet?

Fleas are something that pet owners have probably dealt with at some point or the other. They are infesting all sorts of pets most especially cats and dogs. Treating your pets for pesky creatures and being able to control them too when you eradicated them is critical to keep your pet and also, your house free from their presence.

If pests have infested your pet, don’t worry as there are varieties of medications and medication methods that can be used to deal with the problem however, it can be a bit confusing on deciding which one to choose. The very first thing that you’ve got to do is to acquaint yourself with the most talked about medications you can find in the market and figure out how it is controlling pests. Collars, topical and oral medicines are basically the 3 main categories that are used to identify these products.

Flea Collars – this is the first flea control product used in controlling and regulating fleas in pets. For years since the first time collars were introduced to the masses, it has stayed to be the only known method of controlling fleas. Though today, they are still a very popular choice because they are seen to be harmless.

On the other hand, its effectiveness is being criticized by some. Flea collars work slowly by means of releasing small amounts of chemicals that then gradually spreads on the fur of your pet. If you can imagine, furs closest to the collar gets the most protection while those on the farther region gets the least.

Flea Topicals – many are considering that the invention of topical products in flea medicines are major breakthrough. These are basically liquid pet meds that are being applied with a couple of drops to the back of your pet. Topicals are quite popular as what’s been illustrated by popular and leading companies.

You should know however that using topicals may not yield the result you are expecting it from if it’s used on its own; reason for this is that, it has to be in conjunction with methoprene that are applied to places where you see your pet often. Doing so is preventing the adult parasites to develop to the next stage. To make use of topical, you have to get a prescription of it to your vet. Once you have the prescription, you can buy it OTC so restocking it won’t be a problem.

Oral Flea Medicines – flea medications come in liquid form or pill and this works inside out. It is allowing pesticides to come through your pet’s skin to kill ticks and fleas. A dose of this flea medicine can actually last for several days so it should be used moderately.

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