Cool Car Gadgets

There was a time when the purpose of a car was getting from point A to point B. As the years went on, a car became an extension of yourself. There were more colours, styles, and designs. These days our relationship with them has grown even more. Here are some cool car gadgets that your car deserves

  1. Sticky gel pad

Everyone has had those moments of being in their car with their phone or change and not knowing where to put it. If it falls between the seats you will most likely never see it again. Sticky gel pads, such as Heininger’s DashGrip, can be applied to your dashboard and will hold almost anything. They are cheap and can be removed without leaving behind residue.

  1. Dashboard video camera

We’ve all seen those car accident shows where everything is captured on video. Prices for dashboard video cameras are getting lower and lower, with video quality getting higher and higher. Battery and storage limits are also improving, making sure you are covered if and when an accident occurs.

  1. Steering wheel desk

This cool car gadget is great for those late night trips to fast food restaurants with your friends. This desk attaches to the steering wheel, giving you the perfect space to rest your food. There is even a drink holder compartment so you won’t have to deal with any messy spills.

  1. Inflatable mattress

While it may be tradition for long car trips to be uncomfortable, they don’t have to be. With an inflatable car travel mattress, you can turn your back seat into a spacious bedroom. Prices are generally over $100, but it’s worth it to avoid the backaches.

  1. Chewbacca seatbelt cover

OK, so this one might not be the most practical, but it sure is cool. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you will love this. It’s as simple as wrapping and securing it around your seatbelt. Not only does it look great, but it feels soft on your neck and shoulder too.

  1. Electronic bumper sticker

One of the toughest decisions you can make is deciding what bumper sticker to put on your car. What if it bubbles? What if something else means more next month? But what if you could display all the bumper stickers you want? With an electronic bumper sticker, like the Talelight, you can show off as many bumper sticker designs as you want. The safe adhesive clings the waterproof device to your car, and can be updated any time.

  1. Heads-up display

This one is a bit more expensive – coming in at almost $1000. A portable heads-up display lets you keep your eyes on the road while still letting you read directions, check speed, fuel, and much more.

  1. Remote car starter

Whether you’re showing-off or in a rush, a remote car starter – like found at –  is a great gadget. It keeps your car safe and secure, can work in connection to your smartphone app, and simply looks cool. They come in a range of prices, and you’ll have to check it will work with your brand of car.

Extra or Essential? Your Quick Guide to UTV Parts

Whether you’re in the market for Yamaha parts or Honda accessories, it’s important to know the difference between “critical” and “convenient.” This is especially true if you’re on a budget and wondering how to stretch your dollar to cover the essentials. If you’re looking only for the must-haves in UTV accessories, consider this your quick and easy guide to making a wise purchase decision.

Extra: Bucket Seats

Though they’re nice and comfortable, bucket seats aren’t necessities for UTV owners. Your vehicle will work just fine without them, and your existing seats will be perfectly serviceable in terms of getting you where you need to go. On the other hand, if you suffer from lower back pain, a bucket seat with an ergonomic design might help to alleviate some of the tension in your spine after hours on the road.

Essential: Seat Belts

Only some UTV models come with seat belts, safety straps or safety harnesses, so it might be up to you to furnish them. Not only will they protect you while you’re bouncing down a rocky trail or flying through a sand dune, but they’ll also keep your passengers safe. If you have visions of bonding with the kids on a UTV day trip, make sure that they have seat belts.

Extra: Plows

Plows might seem essential to the UTV owner who uses their vehicle in snowy terrain, but unless you’re hauling firewood or battling blizzards every morning, you can wait to purchase them until you have a little extra money. While useful, plows aren’t the kind of accessory that you should go broke to purchase right away.

Essential: Skid Plates

Skid plates will protect the undercarriage of your UTV from everything that tries to dent or discolor it. Most people think of skid plates as anti-rock or anti-branch protection, but they’ll also protect your vehicle from things like road salt used in wintertime. If you’re serious about minimizing damage that could cost you hundreds of dollars to fix, invest in good skid plates.

Extra: Cosmetic Lights

Cosmetic lights are the kind that you might mount to the top of your roll cage for dramatic effect. While not entirely useless as a tool to illuminate the path ahead of you, that’s not their primary job, so you shouldn’t count on them in serious situations. You can wait to buy cosmetic lights until you’ve already purchased everything else that you need for your side-by-side.

Essential: Safety Lights

Safety lights are placed in conjunction with your mirrors to increase visibility on the road. They’re the lights that will get you down a dark trail without hitting any trees, hills or animals, so they’re a wise investment in terms of preventing damage to both the outside world and yourself. Who wants to ruin their undercarriage with a big pile of rocks that they didn’t see coming? Do yourself a favor and don’t cut corners when it comes to safety lights.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you go shopping for UTV accessories. Even if you don’t have the money to go crazy when outfitting your vehicle with extra parts, you can still budget for the important things. Let this list help you determine what’s necessary and what’s not.…