Used cars can offer an affordable, quality alternative for car buyers. However, given the inevitable wear and tear in used vehicles, it is likely you will want to give your ‘new’ used car a little love. The good news? These 5 tips are inexpensive, but will help you to feel even happier about your new wheels.

  1. Car upholstery can quickly wear and start to look tired and dirty. You may wish to have your car professionally valeted after purchase. However, a better long-term solution is to buy washable car seat covers. This will help you to easily clean and maintain your car interior, whilst improving its appearance and hygiene.
  2. You may notice your car boot is a little stiff to open. Most boots use gas struts to aid opening and closing. However, after a few years of use they can become slow and inefficient. Gas struts can be replaced at an affordable price, and this will ease the opening and closing of the boot, making your weekly trip to the supermarket less of a chore.
  3. Car wheel trims are prone to scratches and scrapes. Being a focal point of any car, it is a good idea to replace them to instantly give your car a new lease of life. With so many different wheel trims available, you will find a design to suit you and your vehicle at a price that is affordable to you.
  4. Car stereos are updated very frequently and offer users more features than ever before. It is therefore likely that the stereo in your used car is missing some of the most modern features, such as multimedia playing (including bluetooth). This allows you to listen to more than just CDs and FM radio. Just because you have purchased an older car doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the latest technology. Whilst a new car stereo may be one of the more expensive ways of upgrading your car, it will give you the freedom to listen to the music you love when you are on the road.
  5. Car mats bring a little added luxury to any car, and allow easy cleaning of the footwell. However, over time they become worn and difficult to keep clean. There are car mats available for most car makes and models, meaning that you can buy knowing that they will fit your vehicle. New car mats are a great way of making your car feel fresher and more comfortable.



Have you got any tips on making improvements to a used car?

5 Ways to Spruce Up a Used Car