Dirty car is certainly a disease every car. Dirty car causing cool shape of the car body is covered by the dust that enveloped the car, not to mention going to spend big to do maintenance, but you do not have to worry about the cost issue, because you can see the tips on a loan in http://www.getmore4money.com/. If you travel that far with your car and passed through the rugged terrain of your car would be very dirty. Required proper ways to wash the car so that it becomes shiny and components in the car remains safe.

During this common mistaken in how to wash a car properly. As an example of how to wash a car engine by spraying or steam it is very dangerous for the car. If by washing like that, then the engine could be a short-circuit or explode. The loss of readers just because a car wash is wrong then you have to fix damaged cars that will deplete pocket and your time. Here we will share with you how to wash a car right. So that your car will remain durable and clean always. Let us look together.

How To Wash The Car

How to wash a car properly that there are 4 steps in it. Ie washing the car outside, inside, machines, and car tires. If this entire process is done correctly then your car is certainly more confident for the shot in the Streets. A car is an object made of several materials such as plastic, rubber, and iron. Components that most of them use paint materials. As we know the paint is a chemical that is highly sensitive. For the correct way to wash your car is certainly required specific ways in every part of the car so that the cleaning becomes maximum. Error in cleaning the little car can damage the car or leaching, is not as we expected. Let us consider how to wash the car properly:

How Car Wash Exterior

-Make Sure you spray water from a hose during the first 15 seconds, to clean up the remnants of chlorine and chemicals that have the potential to damage the paint

-Close First car with the windows and doors tightly

-Then We start step how to wash a car properly is by spraying water from a hose into the body of the car to clean the dust and sand that is attached to the body of the car. Squirt is important, because if we direct the car body scrub dust and sand can scratch the paint.

-Buy Special cleaners for the car, do not use detergent carelessly because it can damage your car paint. Detergents and waxes can also be used to wash the car. Wax will make the car paint shinier.

-Then Use a clean sponge to wash the car. Car wash with a sponge starting with the roof.

-You Should avoid washing the car when the sun is directly shining on the car. Because the water drops will be for sun lens to focus light on the paint.

– Thoroughly wash, do not let the soap left on the paint to dry. Because of the chemicals contained in soaps can damage car paint.

-Then Dry the car using a special fabric that is clean and lint. Make sure no oil or sand embedded in the fabric because it would have the potential to damage the paint.

How to wash Car Interior

-For Correct way to wash your car interior parts, you do not need plenty of water, a little soapy water to rinse the car interior using a sponge / cloth. The interior was filthy dirty car is usually caused by the stain left by palms, shoes, food, and beverages.

-Do Not use bleach detergent to clean the inside of the car.

-Allow The car door opened to expedite the process of evaporation that occurs.

That’s some way to wash your car properly. If you really pay attention to the above tips in washing your car, your car is expected to be spotless and the components of your car such as paint and engine durability is maintained. That’s what we can for how to wash your car right. Hopefully this car wash tips can be useful for you.

How To Wash The Car Properly