According to a recent regional survey, recreational vehicles have become quite popular in the past several decades thanks to the unveiling of relatively affordable machines by leading RV manufacturers. And the popularity of these vehicles stems from mainly the advanced safety features that the design of new-age RVs boasts. Currently, there are about 10 distinctive recreational vehicles designs that top automotive manufacturers employ. These range from the common Class A, B, and C motorhomes to the more uncharacteristic hybrid trailer designs. Speaking of which, here is a quick overview of two recreational vehicle designs that improved overall safety for its drivers and occupants.

1. Airstream Limited Edition Travel Trailer

Being a class C motorhome, the Airstream Limited Edition Travel Trailer is arguably one of the most recognizable luxury RVs on the market at the moment. The trailer is a product of the joint effort between Pendleton Woolen Mills and Airstream to come up with a 28-foot long recreational vehicle with all the amenities a mini 5-star hotel. The interior design is done specifically to highlight the feel of a national park inspired Pendleton bedding and decor. It is all geared towards enhancing the ultimate outdoor and adventure experience without compromising on the safety of the occupants.

That aside, as it is the norm of a majority of class C motorhomes, the Airstream Limited Edition design employs a forward engine complemented by a central manual transmission. This is then also connected to the driveshaft by the rear axel responsible for propelling the dual-mounted rear wheels. The set up gives rise to a drive train that is optimized for the safety of both the driver and the occupants onboard. However, that doesn’t mean that the truck is 100% accident-proof, click here to find out how you can file a personal injury claim should you find yourself in an accident involving a recreational vehicle.

2. The Earth Roamer Recreational Vehicle Design

The sturdy Earth Roamer employs an aggressive engineering design like no other. The significance of their uncommon design is also well reflected in the enhanced safety that the vehicle assures of both the driver and the occupants. In fact, unlike other recreational vehicles in the market, Earth Roamers are generally considered XVs – Expedition Vehicles with a subtle touch of luxury and elegance.

The intuitive driver safety features implemented and integrated into Earth Roamers stem from the fact that they are built by hand by South Colorado Americans and crafted with some of the finest quality materials while paying a lot of attention to detail. The result is an almost flawless off-road recreational vehicle that can handle almost any rough terrain you encounter in the course of your outdoor adventure.
And speaking of handling capabilities, the Earth Roamer mechanical design employs an inbuilt Ford truck reversed engineered with some of the harshest terrains in mind. To wrap up the package, the cushioned interior makes it feel like a luxury apartment on four wheels. The classic, high-end retro modern feel also serves to add a feeling of nostalgia for ultra-light campers yearning for a bit of off-road adventure in the middle of nowhere.

Two Recreational Vehicle Designs that Improved Overall Safety for Its Drivers