What is content strategy ? What are its expectations?

Most of the phrases stating business plans end in strategy and anything systematic too follows the same game. Contents too have been thrown into the mix of strategy phrases and it results in a very important phrase of usage in this decade of the internet marketing. Content strategy involves the planning, development and management of content. It is your blueprint to the use of content anywhere within the business. A good content strategy is required to answer questions such as 1)What is the purpose of publishing the content ?, 2)Which age group is the content primarily targeting ?, 3)When the content is to be released ?, 4) What is the desired goal to be obtained from publishing the content ? and 5)How to maintain and follow up on the content ?. These questions once answered, shall leave you with the end result, a content strategy.

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The Arrow and the Quiver

The above metaphor is very much in accordance with the comparison of content marketing to content strategy. As we know the arrow is nothing but a part of the quiver that holds them by the many. Similarly, content marketing is part of the process called content strategy . A comparison therefore is difficult to achieve since one  part is a section of the other. Even though William S Wilson (A famous author) once said “Comparisons deplete the actuality of the things said”, an attempt must be done to separate the arrow from the quiver. An effective display of content to turn the heads of the masses and to ensure a better surface response is what content marketing is all about but content strategy delves deeper into the annals of content management, governance and organization.

In another sense, content marketing in itself is a content strategy (for example , deciding to give content writing offers on contentmart.com or any other content service websites, can be considered as a strategy) , if one were to seek a broader definition. There are many point of views to this simple yet complex puzzle.

Final Word

An extremely simplified comparison states that content marketing answers the “whys” and content strategies answer the “hows” and together they execute the content specific businesses.

What is the difference between content strategy and content marketing?